CCSC “Aspire” Program 2016


For the 2016 season the Canning City Soccer Club is introducing the ‘ASPIRE’ program. This initiative is designed with an intention to;

  • Bring the junior and Senior sectors of the club together,
  • Provide quality mentoring for the junior players,
  • Promote club spirit, values and loyalty to enhance the culture of the club,
  • Create a more professional image for the club,
  • Provide a tangible future soccer vision and inspire the junior players,
  • Provide the senior players with an opportunity to give something back to the club and the game.

The program is expandable for the future but at this stage includes two activities linking the junior component of the club and the State League senior side of the club and consists of ;

Adopt A Team program

Ball Boy Squads

As parents we hope you see the value in the ‘ASPIRE’ program for your child and the club and give the program your support.


Individual players from the Canning City State League Team will Adopt a Team from the Under 9’s through to the Under 13’s age groups in the Junior club.

The programme will be conducted in the following manner;

  • Individual State League Players will be assigned a junior team from the Under 9’s through to the Under 13’s to ‘Adopt’ for the season
  • The individual State League team players will be introduced to their assigned junior team at the start of the season and take the team for a training session
  • The State League team player for each junior team will attend 3 training sessions throughout the season and provide coaching and advice to the junior players
  • The State league team player for each junior team will attend at least one home match during the first half of the season and if possible the last home match for the season
  • The State League team Player will attend the end of season wind up and trophy day for his adopted team and assist with the giving of trophies and photos.

Coaches from each of the junior teams involved will be advised of the details of their assigned State League Player prior to the commencement of the season. Arrangements to attend training and the two home matches will be the responsibility of the Coach and the assigned State League team player to co-ordinate.

The Adopt a Team program will be co-ordinated by Nigel Squirres (Under 6 Junior Coach), Hans Myer and Steve Senior from the State League team committee.

If anyone has any questions or issues arising from the program please feel free to contact Nigel via email at

If the trial is successful this season the program may be expanded within the junior club in latter years.


Canning City SC junior sides from under 9’s through to Under 13’s will each be providing a Ball Boy squad for all 11 Canning City State League Team home matches this season.

Home matches are played at the Burrendah Reserve ( Willetton Sports Club) Burrendah Boulevard Willetton.

Ball Boys will be required between 2.30pm and 4.45pm on either Saturday or Sunday according to the home match schedule. Parents of players required for the Ball Boy Squad will be advised by their age group co-ordinators or team coach in due course.

A Ball Boy Squad consists of 10 players and those players apart from conducting Ball Boy duties during the match will be playing a 5 v 5 small sided game for half time entertainment.

If parents would like to stay for the game they are welcome and all family members will be given free access to the ground. A Coach from the scheduled age group will be present to co-ordinate the boys for the afternoon.

The Ball Boys will have a photo taken with the State League Team prior to the commencement of the game and the attending age group coach on the day will send this out to the co-ordinator for dissemination thereafter to the parents.

Each of the Ball Boys will be provided with a free drink and hot dog at the end of their duties for the day.

The Ball Boy Squads and Home Match Schedule will be co-ordinated by Nigel Squirres (Under 10 Junior Coach) who can be contacted on 0403 073 073 or via email at

Jeff Rowlands


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