Amateur Football

Canning City Amateurs

The Canning City Amateurs initially started out many years ago playing Social’s in the Football West Sunday league.

However, changes to the management, coaching and training regime saw them rise above expectations with a second place in Social League Division 1 in 2007 with promotion to the Premier Division of the Social League.

The following year, 2008, they won the Premier League title and again in 2009, but this time round they also completed the double by winning the Social League Cup.

It was time for a new challenge.

On application to Football West to enter the Amateur League table, the Canning City management were told that we would have to start in Division 5 to much consternation about entering at such a low level. However, Football West were proved to be wrong as we quickly gained promotion out of Division 5 in 2010, finished as Champions of Division 4 in 2011 and now find ourselves in Division 3, again at the top of the ladder.

The Amateurs are made up of two teams, First and Reserves, and are a strong and passionate group of young men made up from all four corners of the globe; they pride themselves on having a strong commitment to playing good hard but fair football, and have garnered a sound reputation for being a side that will challenge anyone at any level and wear their heart of their sleeve.

There has been many terms used in years gone by, with one light-hearted comment that seemed to have filtered through time – ‘We bleed blue blood’ – this in relation to the home strip.

As a family run club, we are also passionate about getting our families involved and at every match there are a number of wives and girlfriends encouraging their partners on the field, and yes, the WAGS are growing in numbers. We are also encouraged to see a new breed of supporters in the crowd made up of new-borns as the guys move into starting their own families.

As a group of young working men they are fully aware of their own limits of time spent with family, work commitments, training and Sunday games and are very accommodating in terms of fitting football into their schedule and being fair and honest about team positions.

We hope you are duly impressed with the getting to know this bunch of guys and if you feel this could be a possible team to play for in the coming years, send an email to or if you like the idea of coming to a training session to check them out on either Tuesday or Thursday at Apsley Road, Willetton from 7:00-8:30pm.

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